About Our Fundraisers

In May 2014 the Task Force Dagger Foundation (TFDF) fulfilled one of its most critical missions, providing fill the gap funding (outside of what is offered by the DoD or VA, or covered by regular insurance) for soldier’s and Veteran’s immediate needs. Often, these are emergencies that require an urgent response in order to save the soldier and family. Josh Collins story was no different, and the TFDF was again there to help, and in the in the end help Josh find a new mission, purpose, and focus.

As a retired Special Operation’s Veteran turned military DoD contractor, Josh suffered back to back concussions on the job in late Summer 2013, and these were on top of the 7 TBI’s he had suffered while serving his country before retiring in December 2008. The cognitive function, behavior, and personality decline was evident. His life went into a downward spiral creating an enormous strain on the family to hold together, and wrecking his job and career. He was finally hospitalized for these TBI’s at the James A Haley Polytrauma Center in Tampa, FL, and this is when the TFDF stepped in to assist Josh’s wife Tonia and 4 kids. But it didn’t stop there.

After 3 months, Josh was released to continue his recovery at home, but the diagnosis, prognosis, and requisite pharmaceutical regime were now even worse than before. Josh began to have seizures at night, and this is when he decided to do everything in his power to break the cycle and find a way to truly live again. Like before, the TFDF stepped in to provide funding for ground breaking and state of the art brain treatment modalities that have led to a tremendous recovery, and without the pharmaceuticals. Finding a new mission with this recovery, it has now become Josh’s mission to give back to the organization that helped to save him and his family, and to the military community so that every Veteran within the SOCOM community can receive the same level of care that he has; OPERATION PHOENIX.

The Phoenix rises from the ashes and is stronger than it was before—which is exactly what Josh has done. This is exactly what every Veteran can do with the right help, guidance, and treatment programs.

Those who do not wish to participate in our raffles but would like to support our organization can "Make A Donation" We would like to thank you in advance for your generous support.

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